The Writer’s Words.

I am Tracey. Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, since 1989. I liked to read, but never loved it. For me, playing games was more interesting and challenging. I was quite hands on, and still am.

I have fond memories of my growing up years. One is that I loved being active in sports. I would play badminton, netball, run, and join competitions. I believe, games really do run deep in my life.

Other than that, I was just a quiet, shy kid. Deep down afraid if I was odd to fit in. And better left alone with a book in my hand. Well, finding friends like me helped along the way. And I did have long-lasting friends that I still see to today.

Today, I might be a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, breaking away from it’s cocoon. I find my thoughts widened and my heart deepened to feel and know more. Because to sense and understand deeply, is to also feel deeper.

I guess the 2 years I’ve spent in college paid off. Now, I’m pursuing things that go beyond me than where I originally intended. Not afraid to make the step, not hindered from adversities or setbacks, also making sure I’m not too dependent on independence.

It’s nice to know you are different. It’s wrong to think that you’re the only one that thinks differently. And yes, we are all humans, and sex, gender or culture should not blind us from seeing our individuality. As they say, God gave us different talents, abilities, interests, passions.. and we all should be united and not stereotype the other.

I invite you to my blog. I’ll share, I’ll moderate and I’ll definitely engage everyone’s thoughts and opinions. Take it as your journey of discovery too. Contribute and just let your heart out in the topics I’ll be discussing. And lastly, consider carefully before you post.

To conclude my brief opening ‘speech’ for this blog, I will like to say welcome! And let’s begin.

Tracey. X